‘Ok Computer’ star on ‘Ok’ podcast: I’m still working on my musical chops

July 11, 2021 0 Comments

OK Computer’s Tom Tykwer, who is one of the stars of the music video for his song “OK Computer”, has spoken out about the difficulties of performing on a major American network.

“I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong,” Tykger said during an interview on the music show “OK Radiohead”.

The video was released last month, and was met with mixed reviews. “

And then the other side of the coin is, you know, having to be so specific with what you’re saying and it’s not necessarily going to translate to your fans.”

The video was released last month, and was met with mixed reviews.

The song received mixed reactions on social media, but was a hit with viewers and fans were quick to share their support on social networks.

On social media and radio shows, Tykrer has been vocal about his struggles with voice and communication, especially on his radio show.

“We’ve got to have the ability to communicate,” Tykowski said.

“If you’re not having it, I think it’s a big deal.”

Ok Computer is currently on a hiatus, but Tykreys music is still in the works.

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