‘A group of people’ has used the Internet to try and assassinate former President Donald Trump—and the police have no idea who they are!

July 14, 2021 0 Comments

By John GressmanSeptember 13, 2019At about 10 p.m. local time, a group of “a few dozen” people with “an obvious political agenda” set up a fake Facebook page, wrote the website’s editor-in-chief and a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, “calling themselves the CyberCriminal Party.”

The page had more than 600 likes by late Wednesday night.

By Thursday morning, “a new page, created with the same name, had been created and was posting fake news stories and memes about the president,” according to the FBI.

The “CyberCriminal” Facebook page was set up by “an individual using an alias,” the FBI said in a statement on Thursday.

“The page was created to encourage others to use the page and post content about President Trump in the hope that it would further the cybercriminal agenda.”

The “cybercriminal” page posted stories about the alleged “kill list” that President Trump had set up, and linked to an anti-Trump website.

By Friday morning, the page had been taken down.

However, “some of the pages content remained,” the statement said.

The page “was set up to encourage the use of the page in the hopes that it could be used to spread misinformation about President Donald J. Trump.”

The FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center are investigating the alleged hoax, the statement added.

The agency’s Twitter account had also been deleted on Thursday afternoon.

“It is unclear who was behind the pages actions,” the agency said.

“We encourage anyone who may have information that could assist the investigation to contact the FBI at 202-654-4824.”

By Friday afternoon, the FBI had yet to receive any new information, but “the FBI is taking the investigation seriously,” the official said.

The Facebook page “has a few dozen likes,” the website said, and the account had been “tweeting about President President Trump for over a week.”

The FBI “has not yet been able to identify the people behind the page,” the company said.

“The Facebook account and the associated content are likely the work of an individual using a legitimate Facebook account, and it is possible that the Facebook page is being used to promote and encourage others in the cybercrime community to continue using the page.”

The official also said it was “highly unlikely” that the account was created by “a government entity,” which would be the U.S. government.

In the past, the site said, it had identified some “potentially criminal” posts, and said “it has received reports that certain posts may be fake news.”

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