The NFL and NFLPA have no plans to resolve trade dispute over trade deadline

July 16, 2021 0 Comments

NFLPA President Donald Sterling, the commissioner, and team owner Donald Sterling will not discuss the status of the trade negotiations over the deadline, the league and the players union announced Wednesday.

The three-year lockout has been extended for another year.

NFL owners are seeking a deal that would bring in a minimum of $15 million annually for each team, including the new salary cap of $170 million, to make up for a cap overrun in the 2014 season.

Sterling said the owners and teams would “have to agree on a deal” if they don’t reach a deal.

He said he would discuss the situation with the owners next week.

“We are working very hard to get a deal done,” Sterling said.

“I am confident that we will be able to do it.”

The league is seeking $15.5 million in each team’s salary cap.

It also is seeking a new collective bargaining agreement for players and the team owners to implement the new agreement by Sept. 7.

The NFL Players Association has not said whether it will meet the deadline or whether the players are willing to negotiate.

It has also declined to discuss the lockout in a statement released earlier in the day.

The league has faced widespread criticism over its handling of the lockout and its efforts to make the 2016 season an even more entertaining and lucrative one.

In the past two years, the NFL has added new stadiums, renovated and upgraded stadiums and expanded the field of play at football games.

The latest agreement is aimed at helping the league stay competitive while allowing for more spending.

It would require teams to spend $200 million in a year on equipment, salaries and training facilities, which would be offset by $15m in new revenue, and $10 million in other costs, such as uniforms and player retirement funds.

The players and union are pushing for more money for players.

“Players have been working for years to make a better deal and we need to get it done,” the union said in a joint statement with the NFL.

The owners said they were working to “find a solution that is fair to the players and allows them to play the way they have for the past decade, without a significant increase in player costs.”

Sterling has repeatedly criticized the league’s handling of negotiations.

“Our position is clear: We do not want to see another lockout, and we do not support any further efforts to prolong this difficult time for our players and their families,” he said in an interview with ESPN.

“The owners have no interest in seeing another lockout and they have no intent of finding a solution.”

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