Computer Science student at University of Guelph gets 3x scholarship for $2,000

August 9, 2021 0 Comments

Posted December 18, 2018 11:59:16A computer science major at University College London has been given a $2.3 million scholarship by the Ontario government to pay for his college studies.

The scholarship was announced in a news release by the Ministry of Education on Thursday.

The money is a significant amount of money for a student who will be studying computer science at the university, said Mark Withers, dean of the School of Computing and Digital Media at UCL.

“It’s very, very significant for a computer science student, because it’s the amount of tuition that the university is paying for a course in computer science,” he said.

“The amount of financial support that we are giving to a student is significant.”

The student will be able to study in a large, modern building that’s located in the city of London, Ontario, and will be offered scholarships up to $2 million.

He will be enrolled in the computer science program, but the university says he won’t be required to take the program, which is an optional, non-credit course that is offered through an interdisciplinary research program called Computer Science Plus.

The program allows students to study computer science from a variety of different disciplines and focuses on how to use data to make more efficient use of resources, Wither and others have said.

Computer science major and student are named to first $2M Computer Science ScholarshipThe announcement comes after a year of work by students from the UCL Computer Science Department.

They were awarded the first $1 million of the scholarship.

The second $500,000 will be divided among the five students who will receive scholarships of $2-million.

The university says this first $500 million will be allocated to the students in the first year of their programs, and the rest of the money will be split among the four students who received the second scholarship in the second year.

The third and fourth students will each receive a total of $1.5-million, it said.

The students will work closely with the University of Toronto to make the first two awards and then with the College of Engineering and Technology to make their third and final awards, it added.UCL was the first Canadian university to win the Computer Science Prize in the 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature.

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