Why the NBA’s ‘NBA 2K’ is ‘a great example of what can be achieved by using AI to design games’

For years, the NBA has used its “NBA 2k” game console to test and develop its software for NBA 2K18, which is currently in development.

The NBA’s decision to put its AI software to the test came after a team of developers created an NBA 2k18 game called NBA 2KTAR.

NBA 2ks AI is designed to simulate the action on the court and the AI’s performance is based on the game’s real-time score, which was created by NBA 2Kings’ own AI.

In the process, the game became the subject of intense criticism from fans, who accused the team of creating a “fake” game.

The backlash has continued.

“AI in sports is a great example where we can use technology to build games that are better,” Kevin Systrom, NBA 2 Kings AI lead, said in a statement.

“In this case, the result was a great game that players love.”

NBA 2ktars AI is built on the Unreal Engine 4, the most advanced game engine in existence.

It is the first time the NBA used its AI to develop an NBA game.

But, it’s not the first AI-powered NBA game, and Systrom said he expects the NBA to continue using its AI in the future.

“I believe that AI will be a big part of the future of sports in the NBA,” Systrom told the Los Angeles Times.

The first NBA 2ki was released in 2018, and the team behind the game said it was the first game built using AI.

The AI used in NBA 2KSAI is the one in which players’ performances are based on real-world events and not on scripted replays, NBA.com reports.

NBA.tv NBA 2kbAR has been downloaded more than 1.8 million times since it was released on July 1.

The new AI uses the same Unreal Engine for the game and, as with NBA 2kyars AI, it is the result of a team’s efforts.

Systrom hopes the AI will continue to be used in future games.

“The goal with the AI in NBA is to create the best AI possible and the best NBA experience,” he said.

“If we can make it so that the AI is really good, we will be able to build more compelling NBA experiences.”

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