How to buy Alienware computers for $100,000

Microsoft’s new Alienware PC is no more.

The company confirmed the news on Twitter this morning, with a tweet from Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith.

I’m sorry to announce that we are no longer selling Alienware PCs.

The decision to no longer sell PCs was based on many factors, including the continued success of the Alienware 7 series, and the evolution of the business.

We have many customers who have made a lasting investment in the PC ecosystem and continue to look for the best value, and this decision has helped us achieve that.

With the new product line, we’re committed to offering a wide range of products for our customers, and to delivering a great experience for our users.

The Alienware product lineup continues to evolve and improve with every new iteration.

We look forward to continuing to deliver the best in computer hardware, software and services for years to come.