Which Apple iPad is best for you?

New research suggests that the best laptop is the iPad, but it might not be the best for everyone.

The research by computer scientist and author Daniel Schafer of the University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo, found that the Apple iPad, which costs $799, may not be as good as the $1,299 Dell Latitude G6.

The G6 is more powerful and has more storage.

But the Apple laptop, which has been on the market for almost a decade, is much more efficient, says Schafer, a professor of computer science at the University.

It has a much better camera, which allows it to take pictures much faster than the Dell Latitudes, he says.

And it has a more robust, rugged design that is much easier to upgrade, he adds.

Schafer and his team tested a variety of laptops, ranging in price from the $999 Dell Latitudins to the $3,000 Dell Inspiron 7 7000.

They used the company’s own testing software to analyze which models had the best and worst specs.

They found that both laptops are excellent for professionals who work on a daily basis.

The Inspiron is the best choice for professional-grade work, and the Dell laptops are better than most other laptops for students, and for people who need to keep their devices running longer.

“The Dell laptops have more features than the Inspiron,” Schafer says.

“But there are more features in the Inspirons, and they’re more durable.”

Schafer said he and his colleagues are considering adding other specifications, like screen sizes, to the review.

It’s an interesting option for an Apple laptop and Dell laptop.

Apple, for example, doesn’t offer any such software, but there are other companies that do, such as Acer.

“We’re thinking about it,” Schafersaid in an interview.

“We think that it’s an important way to improve the performance of the laptop.”

Dell says it is working with Schafer on a review.

“The results show that our Inspiron laptops are the best choices for professionals,” said Dell spokesman Scott Gossett in an email.

“Dell continues to innovate to deliver the best possible computing experiences to our customers.”

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