Computer desk next computer?

Computer desks are now ubiquitous, but where will you be working?

Next year’s new generation of small computers is expected to offer more than just desk space.

The most recent edition of the Small Computer Desk Monitor survey showed that people have big plans for their desk space and want to use it to take on the world.

Some respondents have already chosen to upgrade to larger systems, while others are considering adding a third system to their existing office space.

Some also plan to use the space as a home office or study space.

However, while the next computer is likely to be a smaller system, it will be an upgrade from your desktop or laptop.

The next big thing to happen in the workplace is the desktop, and desktops have traditionally been the main platform for many of the latest technology products.

But desktops are also starting to disappear.

Many people are moving to smartphones and tablets and that’s changing the way the world thinks about the desktop.

In fact, according to the survey, desktops account for about 40% of all desktop computer sales.

The biggest trend right now is to move to tablets, laptops and mobile devices.

People are increasingly turning to the small desktop for all sorts of computing needs.

For example, in the survey respondents said they had more than 10 mobile devices in their home, including tablets and phones.

One of the big trends that people are looking for is a desktop that’s small enough for everyday use.

While the next big change in the office will be the move to a small desktop, the survey also found that the desktop is likely not going away any time soon.

There is also a shift toward the personal computing experience, according the survey.

People want more productivity tools, more privacy and privacy settings and more features to enhance the office.

There are even some companies that are turning to small, low-cost tablets for the workplace.

The survey also shows that more people are using laptops in their offices than ever before.

One-third of respondents said that they use laptops to work at home.

It seems that desktops aren’t going away anytime soon.

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