What you need to know about Apple’s iPad mini and iPad mini 2

A couple of years ago, the iPad mini was all the rage, and with good reason: it had an impressive 10.1-inch screen and was able to deliver great-looking apps and games.

It also had an extremely powerful CPU, and it could be a good tablet for anyone looking to get work done on the go.

But it’s been a while since the mini was on sale, and now that it’s finally on sale again, it’s still a lot of money for a small device.

The iPad mini is still a very good tablet, but it’s now less than half the price of the iPad Air 2.

So how much more does it cost to get the iPad Mini 2?

Read more Apple has recently launched the iPad Pro, which is a much smaller tablet that’s cheaper and has better specs.

If you’re not going to buy a new iPad Pro or the iPad Classic, or if you’re still a regular iPad user, the tablet is still pretty good value for money.

The tablet also comes with the new iPad Mini.

The original iPad Mini had a 4.7-inch display, and was also a decent tablet, although the iPad had a smaller battery.

But with the iPad Pros, Apple decided to lower the screen resolution to a 5.5-inch panel, and also to cut the CPU from a 2GHz to a 1GHz quad-core processor.

Apple says that’s all for the iPad.

The new iPad mini’s screen is a 4-inch 1080p display, which isn’t quite as good as the original iPad, but is still better than the iPad, and has a faster processor.

But the screen is still 1080p, and if you don’t want to upgrade to the iPad and have the iPad Plus, you can still get a much more capable tablet for the same price.

If the iPad is really your main device, it should be able to compete with the Apple iPad Pro and the iPad XS Max.

But if you need something a little smaller and faster, or you want to do some basic multitasking, the iPhone XS is the iPad to get.

Pros and cons of the new iPhone Xs Pros: 5.7in screen Cons: It’s still 1080i resolution The screen is 5.6in (1920×1080), which is only a little bit bigger than the original iPhone, but still not quite as big as the iPad or iPad Mini 4.

The iPhone X has a slightly higher resolution, and is able to output 1080p images, but not the high-resolution 1080p content Apple is touting in its commercials.

So the iPhone 9 Plus has a better screen, and more pixels, which makes it a little bigger and brighter than the iPhone, and so it’s a better option for those who want a little more screen real estate than the Apple TV.

It’s also smaller, but a lot more expensive than the previous iPhone.

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