Google Glass to debut on October 13th

Google Glass is expected to debut in October.

The wearable device will be sold as an Android Wear device and it will come in both black and white, and it’ll cost $399.00.

The new version will come with a camera built in and a new feature that allows you to access your personal photos from the device.

You’ll be able to take photos with your Google Glass and then share them on Instagram, Facebook, or Google+.

This is the first time that Google Glass will be available in the US.

Google Glass is the latest version of the Google Glass headset, which was launched in September 2015.

It’s the first wearable device to include a camera on the device that will allow you to take pictures with the device and share them with friends.

The device comes in three different colors, but the most popular option is black.

It is a smartwatch device, which means it will automatically turn off when you stop using it.

Google Glass features a camera that allows it to take images of you from a distance.

It will also support a number of Google Glass-compatible apps and games.

Google said the wearable device’s feature will be added to Android Wear in the coming months.

Google is working on the wearable software that will include some of these new features.

The software will allow Google Glass users to send and receive photos, as well as receive notifications about other apps that are connected to the wearable.

Google announced Glass as the first consumer-facing wearable device in the year 2016.

The company’s next wearable device, the Google Assistant, will be unveiled in the summer of 2018.

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