Why I am a nerd: Computer Cool Jobs

I am an avid gamer and computer nerd.My interest in computers and computers history is so intense that I actually go into a computer science class to learn about computers.I

Can the FBI do more to secure the internet?

If the FBI were truly interested in protecting the internet, it would not be working to make the internet more secure by banning VPNs, blacklisting companies, and shutting down VPN

How To Become A Computer Science Major in 5 Easy Steps

Posted October 25, 2018 07:14:10 The last five years have been incredible for computer science majors.The numbers have skyrocketed, and we’re just getting started.With the rising popularity of computer science

How to Build a Computer, Computer Repair, Cloud Computing Definition

Computer repairs are critical to any enterprise.But even more important is to understand how to connect a computer to a cloud service to make it more efficient and reliable.Today, we

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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